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We help our clients build simple, clear and fresh brand assets and promotional communications.

About HUT

HUT comprises of a bunch of uncommonly talented individuals experienced in developing brand assets and promotional communication solutions. The key to our ideas is attention to the innate qualities of a brand and of course, lots of love and passion towards whatever we create.

With the amount of media noise that people are exposed to today, it is extremely important to cut through the clutter and at the same time appear unusually fresh in what we say and do. Our approach is designed to do just that. We concentrate on developing elegantly simple and at the same time unexpectedly fresh brand assets and promotional communication solutions.

Challenges we solve

Create a Brand

A brand is a living organism that is constantly evolving. A brand has a personality, a tone of voice, and a style that needs to be portrayed in anything and everything it does.

Revitalize a Brand

Reviving a brand involves giving a relatable meaning to the brand. This is what we refer to as brand revitalization or brand renovation.

Take the Brand Online

Developing ways to tackle online marketing challenges or opportunities and executing them.

Promotional Communication

Though our first love was traditional promotional communication, now our ideas go beyond advertising to include guerilla marketing, direct marketing and digital media.


Brand Revitalization

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Brand Revitalization

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